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Meet our Founder: Dr. Lamia Youseff

Dr. Lamia Youseff is an industry leader in artificial intelligence and cloud computing. She has over 25 years of experience spanning Big Tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple as well as top academic research institutions including Stanford, MIT, and UCSB.

Dr. Youseff holds a Ph.D. and Postdoc in computer science from MIT and UCSB. She also earned a Master's degree in management and strategy from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. This unique combination of deep technical expertise and business strategy positions her at the forefront of advanced technology.

As a founding engineer of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and early product manager for Google Cloud Storage (GCS), Dr. Youseff was instrumental in the formation and growth of Google's cloud business. She also served as a principal architect at Microsoft Azure where she led the migration of Fortune 500 companies to the Azure platform. Additionally, she led leadership and executive roles at Facebook AI infrastructure and at Apple Ads AI/ML Platforms .  Her illustrious career in academia and BigTech industry, in addition to her unique positional advantage at the heart of the technology world in silicon valley keep her at the pulse of new developments in the AI field.

She currently runs the technology consulting firm JazzComputing.com and advises investors and Fortune 500 executives on AI strategy and implementation.  Additionally, she is a tech advisor to cutting-edge startups in generative AI and remains deeply connected to emerging developments. With her unmatched and diverse experience spanning research, tech, and business, Dr. Youseff is an indispensable guide to navigating the AI and Tech Strategy landscape.

You can reach out to her on her LinkedIn profile or email us at info@JazzComputing.com.