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Discover the AI Advantage with Jazz Computing Advisory Services!

Our advisory services work closely with you, enabling you to refine your investment strategy, conduct comprehensive research, and review your portfolios of products or startups. Beyond this, we collaborate with you to develop robust AI strategies and scale your technical prowess, ensuring you have the best hiring, technology capabilities and operational practices.

In an industry where knowledge is power, we also facilitate webinars and training sessions aimed at enriching your understanding of the AI space and the evolving AI technology stack.

Our founder, Dr. Lamia Youseff, is at the helm of our advisory services. Dr. Youseff is a tech veteran with nearly 25 years of experience at leading academic institutions (MIT, Stanford, UCSB) and big tech (Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google). She is one of the early founders of Google Cloud and a former principal architect of Microsoft Azure who architected many Fortune-500 companies to the cloud between 2011-2018. A pioneer in the field of AI and Machine Learning, she was also a foundational product strategist in the multi-billion dollar product at various Tech titans. In last decade, she refocused her efforts on ML, leading the ML Platform program team at Facebook that supported 5000+ of ML engineers across Facebook's suite of products and building the technology strategy and team for Apple ML platform product team.

Currently, she is sharing her wealth of knowledge at Stanford University, teaching technology strategy at GSB and doing research and mentoring technical founders in machine learning at the Computer Science department. In each of her roles, she has seamlessly merged her profound grasp of the technical landscape and predictive insights with her strategic business savviness and a passion for teaching. Her unique skillset allows her to simplify complex technical jargon and technologies, facilitating clients in drawing meaningful connections between market trends and technological progress.

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