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Big Picture from GTC24: Nvidia Charts Ambitious Course for the Industry

Nvidia's GTC 2024 conference was one of the biggest AI events of the year, solidifying the company's position as a dominant force in the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and accelerated computing. The event showcased Nvidia's bold vision and strategic initiatives to extend its reach far beyond its traditional gaming, HPC and AI training roots.

Five Key Areas of NVIDIA's GTC24 AnnouncementsNVIDIA's GTC24 groundbreaking announcements shaking up the AI ecosystem

NVIDIA's GTC24 was historic, with groundbreaking announcements shaking up the AI ecosystem. From unveiling the world's most powerful GPU chip - Blackwell, to showcasing AI humanoid robots (Project Groot), to major investments in digital twins, etc, the impact was immense. We were delighted to participate this year at GTC24. As promised, we are recapping all the key announcements from GTC in this special blogpost.

Get Ready for Some Serious AI Inspo: Jazzcomputing Attends GTC 2024Previewing the Pioneering Exhibits, Experts, and Emerging Technologies

Jazzcomputing is thrilled to announce we'll be attending Nvidia's GTC 2024 conference from March 18th-21st - the world's premier AI event gathering trailblazers across academia, research and industry. We look forward to exploring pioneering exhibits of cutting-edge innovations, connecting with AI luminaries shaping the future, and previewing breakthrough technologies that promise to transform enterprises.

Jazz Computing Heads to NYCAI Innovation Tour and Client Meetings

We’re thrilled to announce that Jazz Computing founder Dr. Lamia Youseff will be visiting New York City during the last week of February 2024.

The Future is Now: Highlights from CES 2024!Jazz Computing explores the cutting edge of innovation at the seminal tech trade show

Walking through the multiple convention centers and sprawling exhibit halls this year, the cutting-edge consumer electronics and technological creativity on display at CES 2024 did not disappoint. Our team from Jazz Computing explored the show to get hands-on with the latest and greatest tech that will shape the year ahead.

JazzComputing at CES 2024 in Las Vegas!Meet us on Jan 10th & 11th to discuss the latest in AI & Silicon Valley!

We're thrilled to be attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year to get a firsthand look at the newest tech trends, products and innovations. As pioneers in AI development with deep roots in Silicon Valley, we're eager to see how AI will shape consumer electronics in the years ahead.

AI's Next Frontier: Top 10 Predictions for 2024!

In 2023, we witnessed AI demonstrate its immense power and potential to transform diverse sectors. As we look ahead to 2024, here we take a pragmatic look at 10 key predictions for where AI is headed next based on today's landscape.

Jazz Computing 2023 Recap: A Year of Growth and InnovationCan't stop the jazz beat!

As we wrap up 2023, it’s clear it’s been a phenomenal year for jazz computing. From blog posts to research papers to talks and seminars, our field continues to pick up steam. Let's recap the main highlights!

Dr. Lamia Youseff Offers Insights on AI at Stanford StartX PanelThe Enterprise AI View from Seasoned Experts

Dr. Lamia Youseff, our founder and leading AI expert and advisor, recently lent her insights during an AI-focused panel discussion hosted by StartX at Stanford University.