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Insights from the Cutting-Edge: Highlights of the GenAI Summit 2024JazzComputing participating in GenAI Summit Conversations

The GenAI Summit, held last week in San Francisco and sponsored by Fellow Fund and Hubspot, was a convergence of pioneers and innovators shaping the future of generative artificial intelligence. From enterprise applications to startup ecosystems, open-source initiatives to AI infrastructure, the event offered a glimpse into the rapidly evolving landscape of AI capabilities.

Google IO 2024 AI Announcements Recap

Google seems to be back in the game with a wave of announcements about new AI developments and the integration of its latest AI model across company products and the cloud. We are sharing a recap of Google IO announcements here!

OpenAI May 2024 Event Announcements RecapOAI Unveils GPT-4o with Advanced Voice and Video Capabilities

In a major announcement, OpenAI introduced GPT-4o, a groundbreaking model with enhanced voice and video capabilities. This new model aims to revolutionize user interaction by offering a more intuitive and versatile experience with reasoning capabilities across text, voice and vision.

Jazz Computing Shares Insights on AI at Stanford PanelAI Opportunities and Threats

Jazz Computing's CEO, Dr. Lamia Youseff, recently participated in an AI panel at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Reunion.

JazzComputing now listed on Crunchbase

JazzComputing has been recently listed on Crunchbase, the premier platform providing valuable insights into companies and market trends. It is the ultimate source of information for investors, startup founders, and enterprise leaders seeking private-company data, prospecting, and solutions.

Jazz Computing and Silk Road Innovation Hub Empower Global Executives with AI & ML Insights

In an era where innovation reigns supreme, staying ahead means understanding the transformative power of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Recently, Jazz Computing was invited by Silk Road Innovation Hub (based in Palo Alto), to orchestrate a half-day workshop tailored for business executives hailing from Bi-group and large-scale enterprises in Central Asia.

Big Picture from GTC24: Nvidia Charts Ambitious Course for the Industry

Nvidia's GTC 2024 conference was one of the biggest AI events of the year, solidifying the company's position as a dominant force in the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and accelerated computing. The event showcased Nvidia's bold vision and strategic initiatives to extend its reach far beyond its traditional gaming, HPC and AI training roots.

Five Key Areas of NVIDIA's GTC24 AnnouncementsNVIDIA's GTC24 groundbreaking announcements shaking up the AI ecosystem

NVIDIA's GTC24 was historic, with groundbreaking announcements shaking up the AI ecosystem. From unveiling the world's most powerful GPU chip - Blackwell, to showcasing AI humanoid robots (Project Groot), to major investments in digital twins, etc, the impact was immense. We were delighted to participate this year at GTC24. As promised, we are recapping all the key announcements from GTC in this special blogpost.

Get Ready for Some Serious AI Inspo: Jazzcomputing Attends GTC 2024Previewing the Pioneering Exhibits, Experts, and Emerging Technologies

Jazzcomputing is thrilled to announce we'll be attending Nvidia's GTC 2024 conference from March 18th-21st - the world's premier AI event gathering trailblazers across academia, research and industry. We look forward to exploring pioneering exhibits of cutting-edge innovations, connecting with AI luminaries shaping the future, and previewing breakthrough technologies that promise to transform enterprises.