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At Jazz Computing, we see the entire AI ecosystem as an intricate Jazz band, with each player performing a distinctive role to compose a performance. From emerging startups, open-source projects, academic research groups, established cloud AI giants, SMBs, HFs, venture capitalists, to public corporations, all playing a unique Jazz instrument and making a unique investment. Our seasoned consultants and scientists collaborate with you and your firm to comprehend the fast evolving nuances of the AI landscape and its associated challenges. We then assist you in crafting or revising your custom AI strategy to capture new AI business opportunities while minimizing potential disruption in this era of significant AI evolution.

Who we are!

Jazz Computing LLC partners with AI investors across various verticals and industries to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities at the intersection of AI, technology and strategy. In a world where AI is disrupting every industry and vertical, we work with your business to turn AI disruption challenges into market opportunities.  

With more than two decades of aggregate expertise in designing, building and deploying AI strategy and systems at Fortune-500 companies and bigTech (MFAANG), our team brings you a unique opportunity to augment your strategic capabilities with ours! 

Our mission is to help your business navigate and succeed in the disruptive world of AI and help you take advantage of the numerous AI opportunities.

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We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the AI Market Research Center at Jazz Computing LLC. Our goal is to provide valuable insights into the impact of AI across various verticals and industries ... Read more!

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Can AMD Surpass Nvidia's Dominance in the GPU Arena? "Nvidia vs AMD: A High-Stakes Race in the GPU Market" is a new paper that explores the capacity of AMD to rival Nvidia in the GPU market. Buy this paper or explore others here!

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