Innovative Minds: Meet the New Guests of Jazz Computing Podcast!

We are excited to announce new episodes of the Jazz Computing Podcast is back with a fresh lineup of guests for our upcoming episodes. Our next guests include Sudheera Vanguri, head of product manager at Google DocAI, Viral Shah, the co-founder and CEO of Julia Computing, and Peter Bailis, the founder and CEO of Sisu.

Sudheera Vanguri has extensive experience in product management at Google, where she currently leads the company's efforts in democratizing AI through the DocAI Platform. She is also a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

Viral Shah is a computer scientist and entrepreneur, known for co-founding Julia Computing and contributing to the development of the Julia programming language. Julia is a high-performance language for technical computing, used by researchers, scientists, and engineers around the world.

Peter Bailis is a computer science professor at Stanford University. He is also the founder and CEO of Sisu, a startup that helps companies analyze their data and find insights using machine learning and statistical modeling.Each of our guests brings a unique perspective and expertise to the world of Jazz Computing, and we can't wait to share their insights with you. So stay tuned for our upcoming episodes, and get ready to explore the intersection of technology and jazz with our fantastic guests.

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