Jazz Computing at TTI/Vanguard in Cambridge-Mass & MIT!

Dr. Lamia Youseff, Executive Director of Jazz Computing, presented at the TTI/Vanguard AI & Data Conference held by MIT in Cambridge-mass/Boston last week.

The event featured many luminary speakers, including Dr. Andreas Weigend, former Chief Scientist at Amazon, and Dr. Theodore Omtzigt, CTO of Lemurian Labs. Dr. Weigend discussed the value of data and shared inspiring stories about his work with Jeff Bezos, while Dr. Omtzigt spoke about building and scaling high-performance deep learning and intelligent systems.

During Dr. Youseff's presentation, she addressed a crucial challenge facing enterprises today, which is the disconnect between AI investments (90%) and actual deployment in production (15%). She emphasized the need for the harmonization of all system components, including MLOps, operational and organizational aspects, and change management, for successful AI applications. She highlighted some of the work we do here at Jazz Computing to allow enterprises to bridge this gap and take their AI products to production, gaining new business and technical edge and competitive advantages. Dr. Youseff's talk was very well received by the audience.

Additionally, the TTI/Vanguard's keynote provided attendees with new insights and perspectives, which were thought-provoking and enlightening. Prof. James Hendler's presentation on Chatgpt and large language models was captivating, with a particular focus on the use of gendered language. Prof. Sangbee Kim, from MIT, delivered a presentation on our cognitive biases in evaluating AI systems, which served as a wake-up call for many attendees. Furthermore, Vijay Gadepally discussed the energy impact of AI, which was informative for those in attendance, and which was further highlighted in Dr. Youseff's talk.

We, at Jazz Computing, found the conference to bring together an important conversation in the AI space, and we are pleased with our participation this year. Stay tuned for more news from the conference.

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