Jazz Computing Heads to NYC

AI Innovation Tour and Client Meetings

Updated Tour Date: Feb 26th - March 1st, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that Jazz Computing founder Dr. Lamia Youseff will be visiting New York City during the last week of February 2024. This East Coast swing has two key purposes: to meet with current and prospective clients as well as tour major AI hubs to discuss the latest innovations.

Dr. Youseff will leverage her deep expertise in AI, cloud computing, and cutting-edge technologies to provide clients with insightful consulting around topics like AI strategy, generative models, and cloud migration. She always loves connecting with new organizations too. So if you’re interested in benefiting from her 25+ years steering research and AI tech innovations, this is the perfect chance to schedule a call or consultation.

Interspersed between client meetings, Dr. Youseff is conducting an AI innovation tour across NYC. This includes visits to AI centers at NYU, Columbia University, and other sites to get briefings on fledgling technologies with commercial potential. Dr. Youseff will also be meeting executives at AI startups as well as major firms to discuss their progress and roadmaps.

Bringing her sought-after thought leadership back home, Dr. Youseff sees immense possibility from synthesizing academic breakthroughs with real-world business challenges. This NYC trip presents the ideal opportunity to bridge these worlds.

If you’d like to connect with Dr. Youseff during her NYC visit or invite her to meet your team and give a talk on AI recent advancement, don’t hesitate to reach out! Simply email us at info@jazzcomputing.com and we’d be glad to schedule a call, meeting, or series of consulting sessions at your convenience. This is the perfect opening to tap into her wealth of AI and technology expertise.

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