JazzComputing and Dr. Lamia Youseff speaking at Fifteen Seconds Festival, in Graz Austria this June!

It is exciting to announce that our founder and executive director, Dr. Lamia Youseff, will be taking the stage as a featured speaker at the highly anticipated Fifteen Seconds (FS) festival in Graz, Austria next month!

As an AI consulting firm, it is an absolute honor to be part of this prestigious event, known for attracting trailblazers from diverse industries. The Fifteen seconds festival has gained a remarkable reputation in Europe for bringing together the brightest minds from various fields, fostering valuable connections, and sparking transformative ideas.

During Dr. Lamia's session, she will delve into the transformative power of artificial intelligence and its profound impact on our ever-evolving world. She will share my insights and expertise, unveiling the latest trends, advancements, and best practices in leveraging AI to drive tangible results.

If you're attending the festival, Reach out to us at info@jazzcomputing.com and we will be delighted to connect with you personally. Let's make the most of this remarkable opportunity!Stay tuned for more updates, captivating insights, and invaluable takeaways from the festival.

Together, we will drive AI innovation and pave the way for a brighter, more intelligent future!

Meanwhile, you can subscribe to our YT channel or email us at info@jazzcomputing.com with any inquiries.

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