JazzComputing's Very Own Dr. Lamia Youseff Lights Up Kauffman Fellows Fire-side Chat

On May 30th, our very own founder, Dr. Lamia Youseff, brought her trademark spark to the recent Kauffman Fellows fire-side chat, focusing on Generative AI. Always ready to share her vast knowledge, she gave a thrilling tour from the humble beginnings of AI in the 1950s to its bright and promising future.

Dr. Youseff skillfully decoded the inner workings of the Language Model (LLM) stack and discussed how more and more enterprises are harnessing the power of LLMs. She also tackled the often overlooked, yet crucial, topic of risks involved in LLM tech investments in our rapidly evolving tech scene.

The session was packed, with audience members asking a flurry of insightful questions that further enriched the discussion. Stay tuned to JazzComputing for more exciting insights in the world of AI.

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