OpenAI May 2024 Event Announcements Recap

OAI Unveils GPT-4o with Advanced Voice and Video Capabilities

With the goal of keeping our readers updated on the latest releases and launches in AI world, we are brining you all the latest updates from top conference and events in the AI World.

In a major announcement, OpenAI introduced GPT-4o, a groundbreaking model with enhanced voice and video capabilities. This new model aims to revolutionize user interaction by offering a more intuitive and versatile experience with reasoning capabilities across text, voice and vision.

GPT-4o will be accessible for free through the standard version of ChatGPT, with paid users benefiting from 5X usage limits. This strategic move positions OpenAI as a direct competitor to BigTech voice assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. OpenAI also revealed that they are developing a MacOS Desktop App, with more exciting announcements slated for this summer. You can watch a recording of the live-event here, or watch CNET summary video here

An impressive follow-up demo was of how Sal Khan used GPT-4o with its advanced human interaction to tutor his son, showcasing the power of the LLMs and GenAI in education. 

In a recent Stanford ETL talk about two-weeks ago, Sam Altman emphasized that 

GPT-5 is coming and "with a high degree of scientific certainty, GPT5 is going to be a lot smarter than is going to be a lot smarter than GPT4." GPT-5 has been rumored to launch this summer, and we will bring you the news as soon as it launches. You can watch the entire ETL talk here

Few hours after the event, OpenAI co-founder Illya Sutskever stepped down from his role at OpenAI and then, only six hours later, OpenAI’s longtime chief scientist Jan Leike and one of its co-founders, left the company as well, indicating another shack-up at the leadership of OpenAI. 

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