The Scalable Computing Podcast: Season I is Underway!

The Jazz Computing Podcast is launched on Sept 1st, 2020. We are excited to welcome our first season's guests to our newest technical podcast, where we discuss everything about building and deploying large scale computing systems, cloud computing and Machine Learning. With a stellar list of scalable computing thought-leaders, the conversations are promising to be very insightful and to bring a diverse set of experiences and ideas to our audience.

In our first season, we are excited to host:

  • Joe Beda: Co-Creator of Kubenetes and creator of Google Compute, Principal Engineer at VMWare.
  • Matei Zaharia: Creator of ApacheSpark and MLflow, Co-founder and CTO of Databricks.
  • Joe Spisak: Product Lead of Pytorch at Facebook.
  • Hussein Mehanna: Head of Cruise AI/ML and VP at Cruise, Creator of FBLearner and AML.
  • Sudheera Vanguri: Product lead for Google DocAI, AutoML and NLP models.
  • Viral Shah: Creator of Julia Programming language and CEO of Julia Computing.
  • Peter Bailis: Founder and CEO of Sisu, Professor of computer science at Stanford.

Stay Tuned! The first episode with Joe Beda will be available this Sunday, 6 September, 2020.

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