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AI Power Hour is your ultimate solution for staying up-to-date with the fast-paced world of AI. Designed specifically for VC firms and their associates, this service delivers a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in AI technology and business trends happening each month, all within an hour. Save valuable time and gain deep insights without the overwhelm.

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Stay at the Forefront of AI Innovation

Direct from Silicon Valley:
Get updates on AI technology developments straight from the heart of Silicon Valley, the epicenter of innovation.

Latest Academic Research & Competitive Market Moves:
Stay informed with the newest findings and insights from leading AI research institutions, in addition to significant market announcements and collaborations.

In-Depth Monthly Recap

Comprehensive Coverage:
Receive a detailed summary of significant AI advancements, including top conference highlights, startup announcements, and funding rounds from the past month.

Deep Tech and Business Insights:
Gain actionable insights that combine technical depth with business relevance, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Key Trends and Developments

Trends Analysis:
Understand key trends and emerging patterns in the AI landscape, helping you stay ahead of the curve.
Expert Commentary:
Benefit from the perspectives of AI thought leaders and industry experts.

Efficiency and Focus

Save hours of sifting through news and reports. We distill everything you need to know into a concise, focused session.
No Overwhelm:
Avoid the information overload with our curated, high-impact updates that keep you informed without the stress.

How AI Power Hour Works

  1. Monthly Sessions: Each month, Schedule a one-hour session to cover the latest AI news and insights.
  2. Curated Content: We meticulously gather and analyze information from top AI conferences, startup announcements, funding rounds, and industry reports.
  3. Interactive Format: Engage in a dynamic presentation followed by a Q&A session to address your specific questions and interests.
  4. Expert Insights: Hear from AI experts who break down complex developments into understandable and actionable insights.
  5. Q&A: Get your specific questions answered and dive deeper into topics of interest.

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I have known Lamia since 2012, from our time at Google, where we collaborated on several Google Cloud projects. In 2019, we worked closely on a deal where Lamia helped us in building a point of view on the founders, the technology and the market/competitive dynamics around the startup which was critical in helping us get to the right investment decision. She's continues to be one of my close personal friends to whom I often reach out for market intel and technical insights on a variety of topics especially around AI.

Hemant Mohapatra,
Partner, Lightspeed India;
Former partner at Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z) US

In an environment dominated by AI/ML startups Lamia has been a key asset for us at RBV. Lamia helped us formulate our thinking, approach towards AI-enabled business opportunities, and develop a thesis around AI/ML. Her wealth of knowledge in the cloud and ML space has been invaluable in supporting us with technical evaluations of startups. Moreover, with her deep knowledge of the industry from her tenured technical and consulting careers, Lamia has the ability to identify winning commercial propositions in the space. 

Faisal Alkhorayef
GP & Founder, Red Bridge Ventures

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