AI Workshops

Our AI Workshops for Executives are designed to equip leadership teams with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the rapidly evolving AI landscape. Through tailored, hands-on sessions, executives will gain a deep understanding of AI technologies, strategic implementation, and ethical considerations. The workshops cover essential topics such as AI fundamentals, strategic AI planning, data analytics, and emerging trends. By participating, executives will be empowered to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and leverage AI for competitive advantage.
Our workshops ensure leaders are prepared to integrate AI effectively into their business strategies.

AI Fundamentals for Executives

Essential for understanding AI's impact, this workshop covers AI fundamentals, strategic applications, and industry trends. Equip your leadership team with the knowledge to drive informed AI initiatives.

Building and Scaling AI-driven innovative Organizations 

Learn strategies for creating and expanding AI-powered organizations. This workshop covers AI integration, fostering innovation, and scaling operations, equipping executives to lead transformative growth effectively.

AI Business Opportunities and RISKs for Executives

Explore AI's potential and pitfalls in this comprehensive workshop. We delve into specific industries, examining unique opportunities and risks. Equip your leadership with insights to navigate AI-driven transformations and make strategic decisions.


Jazz Computing and Dr. Youseff delivered an Intro to AI half-day workshop to executives visiting from Central Asia's biggest firms. Thank you Lamia for doing such a great job. The executives got really inspired by the workshop, the discussions, and they appreciated the well-developed format. As we delved into other deeper AI topics on copilots, LLMs, compute, we realized the value of investing early into understanding the foundations through the AI Intro workshop and, as a result, our follow-up business discussions were much more productive. You did a great job, the quality of the presentation and the content were very high quality, in addition to the engaging format and taking time to discuss topics and answer questions. Our audience really appreciated this workshop.

Asset Abdualiyev,
Founder & CEO
Silkroad Innovation Hub

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Case Study

We recently collaborated with Silkroad Innovation Hub and to host a half-day transformative AI & ML workshop for global executives from BI Group - строительный холдинг Казахстана visiting the SF Bay Area from Central Asia.

BI Group is the Central Asia's biggest construction company with the largest investment and construction holding in Kazakhstan. Since 1995, the company has built 4.5+ million square meters of residential complexes, commercial real estate, infrastructural and industrial facilities.

In this intensive half-day workshop- delivered in English with Russian translation-, we covered many foundational concepts of AI, from the basics of Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning to advanced discussions on GenAI and LLMs. We also covered business opportunities and risks of AI in the construction, real-estate and engineering design industries. Through a worksheet exercise- followed by insightful discussions-, we delved into how BI Group can leverage AI in its businesses and projects.

Our goal is to empower executives and leaders at enterprises with the tools and insights needed to integrate AI technologies seamlessly into their industries. You can read more about our workshop with Bi-Group here.

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