Investor Services

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, we provide VCs and PEs with unparalleled access to the epicenter of AI innovation. Our comprehensive services include deep technical evaluations, simplifying complex AI technologies, and offering insights from premier AI content and research from Stanford, MIT, and industry giants like Google, Meta and Microsoft.
We help you reduce investment risk by ensuring technical viability, optimizing scalability, and integrating cutting-edge AI solutions. Partner with us to confidently invest in AI startups poised for success, supported by reliable data, robust research, and a strong, innovative team foundation.
AI Deals
Due Diligence

AI Expert due diligence for AI investments, reducing risk and ensuring success.

  • Our Service includes:
  • 1. Comprehensive Technical Analysis
  • 2. Team Interviews & Background Review
  • 3. Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • 4. Product Development Cycle Assessment
  • 5. Operational Efficiency Analysis
    6. Go-to-Market Strategy and Business Plan Review
    7. Market Analysis and Trends Assessment
AI Investments

Insights to optimize AI investment decisions and reduce risks.

  • Our Service includes:
  • 1.  Technical Workshops on AI fundamentals
  • 2. Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • 3. Operational Efficiency Analysis
    4. Market Analysis and Trends Assessment
    5. Go-to-Market Strategy
    6. Strategy Development and Review
AI Competitive Landscape research

Analyzing AI market competition to identify opportunities and threats.

  • Our Service includes:
  • 1. Market Segmentation
  • 2. Competitor Identification
  • 3. Technology Assessment and Product Differentiation
  • 4. Market Share Analysis
  • 5. SWOT Analysis
    6. Academic Research Review
    7. Market Analysis and Trends Assessment


I have known Lamia since 2012, from our time at Google, where we collaborated on several Google Cloud projects. In 2019, we worked closely on a deal where Lamia helped us in building a point of view on the founders, the technology and the market/competitive dynamics around the startup which was critical in helping us get to the right investment decision. She's continues to be one of my close personal friends to whom I often reach out for market intel and technical insights on a variety of topics especially around AI.

Hemant Mohapatra,
Partner, Lightspeed India;
Former partner at Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z) US

In an environment dominated by AI/ML startups Lamia has been a key asset for us at RBV. Lamia helped us formulate our thinking, approach towards AI-enabled business opportunities, and develop a thesis around AI/ML. Her wealth of knowledge in the cloud and ML space has been invaluable in supporting us with technical evaluations of startups. Moreover, with her deep knowledge of the industry from her tenured technical and consulting careers, Lamia has the ability to identify winning commercial propositions in the space. 

Faisal Alkhorayef
GP & Founder, Red Bridge Ventures

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