Jazz Computing 2023 Recap: A Year of Growth and Innovation

Can't stop the jazz beat!

As we wrap up 2023, it’s clear it’s been a phenomenal year for jazz computing. From blog posts to research papers to talks and seminars, our field continues to pick up steam. Let's recap the main highlights!

With over 15 posts this year we've shared the latest jazz computing developments with a wide audience. Popular articles covered topics like AI disruptive impact on PE investments, AI regulations chessboard and more. Hearteningly, our subscriber base significantly grew over as interest in the AI field skyrockets.

Bolstering the public content, we published 9 substantial market research papers. This includes studies on how AI is disrupting many industries from Software Engineering and Gaming, to Pharma, Supply Chain Management and K12 education. This also includes competitive analysis studies of the AI market and the competitive landscape moves among Google, Microsoft, Amazon, AMD and Nvidia. The papers were so well-received that we launched a dedicated jazz computing research center to produce more industry analysis.

Outside the written word, we spread the jazz computing message through 5 invited talks at top institutions like GSB, Stanford StartX, and in Boston at TTI Vanguard. We also hosted 4 editions of our Jazz Computing Newsletter this year, broadcasting news on the latest events, research, and startups to over 1000 subscribers. Plus, we fielded podcast and webinar appearances discussing generative AI through an enterprise lens. From regular posts to cuts on Spotify and Youtube, jazz computing is going multimedia!

As we look back, 2023 will stand out for accelerating jazz computing's growth tremendously. The AI field has truly started to sing its tune loud and proud this year on all channels. After reflecting on these wins, all signs point towards an even bigger 2024 as public awareness and AI technological capabilities continue to grow. Can't stop the jazz beat!

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